MRC-ET molecular diagnostics is an affiliate of MRC-Holland; a Netherlands based Biotechnology Company, which is specialized in production and supply of a proprietary product, MLPA® kits and an assortment of materials needed in a molecular biology facility. The kits are primarily used, as diagnostic tools and/or for research purposes, for genetic screening of diverse hereditary disorders and syndromes as well as diseases/conditions that may result as a consequence of various changes in the human genetic matter. MRC cooperates with research labs and biotechnology companies worldwide in development of new MLPA® kits.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a much needed service to the community by providing hitherto unavailable genetic diagnostics services. Introduce state of the art genetic screening techniques to medical institutes that are engaged in producing medical professionals and contribute to new knowledge through research collaborations.

Our Objectives

  • Introduce a simple and cost efficient genetic screening technique
  • Promote and introduce MLPA® kits as diagnostic and research tools
  • Explore, through research and development, prevalent hereditary diseases in the population and develop detection methods
  • Provide graduate and post graduate level advanced training in molecular diagnostics and recent advances in molecular biological techniques.
  • Prepare annual publication to disseminate the technology and the findings in collaboration with stakeholders.

We Are Open Monday to Saturday

We are available to all patients or visitors From Monday to Saturday .
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